5 Reasons your business NEEDS a website!

There are so many valuable benefits in having a professional and visible business website, that it is now becoming increasingly more difficult for small businesses to survive without one. Is your business suffering from absent-internet-disorder? Here is our short list of 5 reasons to explain why your business NEEDS a website!

1. More Customers

Every business is always out there to generate more customers. Your website is here to do exactly that, in a number of ways. More customers are able to find you online, learn about your business and gain confidence through your professional presence on the web. Without having a website in place, your business is missing out on a huge portion of today's most popular market.

2. Be Visible 24/7

Websites give your business instant visibility 24 hours a day. With today's technology advancing at a rapid rate, most people are using computers and mobile devices to quickly search for the goods and services they require. Your website is the 24/7 advertising tool which ensures your clients are always able to see who you are, and what you do. By not having a website, you are simply leaving your business in the dark.

3. Save Time

Your website gives you the opportunity to provide information and answer questions before your clients have made contact with you. By showing off your portfolio and communicating through your website, you are freeing up huge amounts of time, whilst streamlining the quality of contact and enquiries being made to your business. The best part is, this is all happening without taking up any of your actual time in the process!

4. Increase Communication

Your website communicates with your clients in many ways. It provides visitors with all of your necessary business information including who you are, what you do, and why they should choose you. But it also engages with your clients, enabling them to message you directly, email you, connect with your social media accounts, or call you at the click of a button. By not having a website, a lot of these lines of communication are simply left closed.

5. Gain Credibility

A professional website gives your business huge credibility. Whilst social media is a big player when promoting yourself online, your website shows clients that you are the real deal. More often than not, when customers are trying to choose which business to deal with, it is the website which will be the deciding factor. Without having a website, your business may very well be suffering from a lack of credibility.

With these benefits in mind, along with the many other advantages naturally associated with people’s ability to find and appreciate your business online, the question becomes a ‘no-brainer’. Yes you need a website for your business to strive, and the time is right now!
— Koen, Spider Web Design